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I have many interests outside of my practice as a professional psychic. My number one absolutely shameless passion is great TV shows and movies. I am also a foodie, love to read and play and listen to music. When I am not doing readings, I am doing my other interests. I find them to be tremendous outlets. So when you see my blogs with a headline that says “News from The Psychic Dish” I am going to actually dish with YOU about what I’m watching, reading, listening to, playing on my guitar, obsessed with…(usually a new food item)…as another way for us to connect!

I have to mention that I am NOT a professional critic. Though wouldn’t it be FUN if I were? However as my husband and son like to remind me, I almost ALWAYS have something to say about everything.

Television, food, books, music…they add so much dimension to my life. I feel through them I access more of my own self. Being empathic I do need to be somewhat selective about what I choose to watch or read, but I LOVE started a new series. I get into the psyche of the characters, wonder what I would do in their situation, feel the struggle, the joy, the pain…it seems to somehow provide a type of therapy, soothing the soul, shifting my perspective and outlook. Working with lots of people on a daily basis, TV is a tremendous release.

In particular, I love stories based on true and actual events, and especially ones with a female in the leading role. I just finished the second season of “The Crown.” What a phenomenally well produced and performed show. I want to offer a psychic dish about the show, what I feel about the struggles surrounding the main character (The Queen) without adding spoilers, and sorry if I give too much away! See…this is why I don’t do this professionally haha.

After completing the second season, only stopping to eat and sleep, I must say I have a different perspective of the queen’s inner landscape than I used to. It has been convenient for me to assume life in the palace to be cushy and cozy, without it’s own sense of pressure and drain. I could not fathom how one woman could possibly take on being the figurehead for an entire country, conceive and birth babies, be a mother, a wife, and try to find any sense of normalcy amidst the constant barrage of public pressures. It was so clear to me watching Claire Foy’s brilliant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II how instantaneously she had to relinquish many of her own dreams and goals the moment the crown was set upon her head. The rest of her life lay out before her, duties set, responsibilities certain. The utter and sudden lack of spontaneity, constantly having to poise herself despite feeling emotionally stirred, holding all of that emotion in, to present herself to the world with the essence of a matriarch for an entire country (well and several other countries under British rule), I couldn’t imagine what she must have been feeling. I couldn’t fathom the strength it must have taken for her to essentially walk away from her own individuality. This was a time when positions of nobility were deeply rooted in tradition. These days there seems to be a “loosening” around the tightness of following certain protocols. To be daily under the scrutiny of the public eye, and maintain a sense of self was an overwhelming task. Expectations were set, behaviors determined for how to “be” a queen. The mask she put on the day she was crowned was phenomenally clear, at least to me. Throughout the entire first season, you could see the humanity slowly being stripped away, her falling down the rabbit hole, with nothing and no one to cling to in order to hold on to herself, though she tried. The surrender to the crown and all it stood for was her only choice, or live in torment for the rest of her life.

I am awed by how swiftly she released her former self, as if something profound HIT her: do or die. The pain in clinging became too great, and she reached in vain for her relationship with her husband. Certainly in vain as he was having his own series of toddler tantrums, trying to accept the new responsibilities. I have a poor opinion of Prince Philip after seeing how he handled himself: at the beginning nothing more than a whiny and irresponsible child. It drove deeper the queen’s sense of isolation, as the distance grew between them. I often wished she would just slap him! And I digress…

What I loved about the second season was how beautifully they showed many more of the queen’s vulnerabilities, especially as she conceived and bore children. She became pregnant for the third and fourth time, requiring her to be on bed rest. It was hilarious to watch as no one knew what to do in her absence. She places the Prime Minister in her charge, and when she comes back he is wheeled in on a hospital bed ready to quit as Prime Minister! She unflinchingly remarks “I’ve been queen barely 10 years, and in that time I’ve had three prime ministers, all of them ambitious men, clever men, brilliant men,” she tells him. “Not one has lasted the course. They’ve either been too old, too ill, or too weak. A confederacy of elected quitters.”

In that moment I absolutely fell in love with her. NEVER during any of her pregnancies did we see her moan, complain or quit. The moment a child was born she was right back to the tasks and duties set before her. In that moment I saw her feminism rise up, whereas before she kept it stuffed inside too afraid to speak out against the boys club. I guess you could say I was satisfied.

Then we have the contrast of her sister Margaret. What a delightful telling of her naughty story, and I will leave you wanting more, but let’s say it was deliciously scandalous! The juxtaposition of the people they were showed us the other side of the coin, what it would have looked like had the queen rebelled against the crown. It was also satisfying, in it’s own way…to feel unleashed from all the propriety and tradition, stuffy shirts, not being able to eat or go to bed without someone else in the room helping her, like a breath of fresh air.

I hope you enjoy! Write me and tell me what you think of it! Can’t wait to hear.

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Deep Thinker

I have been pondering many questions about the nature of life lately. I do that often, being the thinker I am. While highly intuitive, I treasure the times when I can let my thoughts spread out, and give my mind something to chew on. Who we are and what we are doing here seem to be hot topics that my mind loves to mull over repeatedly. I can spend days pondering one question, and it is incredibly satisfying. Too bad “deep thinker” is not a paid position! I do it often and would make millions.

The thought for recent pondering has been about the experience of feeling ecstasy. I have come to the conclusion over time and through personal experience that life is a journey toward ecstasy. I am not speaking about the kind of ecstasy that resides primarily between the sheets, although that is a fun one! I am speaking about the state of being ecstatic, and what components around us lend to more of that.

Just a few of the definitions of ecstasy (according to
1. rapturous delight.
2. an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling.
3. mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.

I used to think that the main purpose of life was towards happiness, fulfillment, finding oneself in a state of contentment, and adjusting the circumstances in life towards that aim. I have discovered that the step beyond happiness is ecstasy. I am certain that it is possible, and I am convinced it is the closest thing to what it feels like being spirit…free of ego.

What causes or creates ecstasy is highly distinguished from what causes or creates happiness, at least in my mind. The difference to me is that ecstasy can not only be experienced by the beautiful unexpected and often surprising moments of pleasure, it can also happen during times of deep loss. Ecstasy doesn’t end with getting it “all right” in the world. It comes upon us when we least expect it, and can sweep us up out of ourselves, aligning us with a state of bliss unmatched by simple happiness.

I recently lost a dear friend. It was quite unexpected. I was in emotional hell for about a week. I found myself becoming quite cynical, going through the regular thoughts same as everyone else “why did this happen?” and “if only I would have spent more time with him.” I sat in those emotions of grief and let them surge through me like ocean waves. Then something miraculous happened. I actually began contemplating his life, my connection with him as deep friends, our long bond and all these memories came flooding back to me. Our moments together became so precious suddenly, I felt so much energy surging through my body. The energy was familiar to me. It was ecstasy. The contemplation of our precious bond and the divine connection I was present with opened my heart and I cried from pure joy that I had the opportunity to know him.

Conclusion: pain is part of ecstasy. It’s part of the deal. It can open the heart to healing in ways that nothing else can. It is hard to think how the two are connected. However, the threshold between the two are so close. I love it that the light and dark moments of our lives can open us in ecstasy. Ponder it with me, won’t you? Can you see it?


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Business with the Full Moon

Well, let’s just say I am quite clear as of late I have taken on some pretty important business with the moon. Noticing for some time how affected I am by the pull of that beautiful cosmic orb every month, I finally decided to play with her. August was really the first time I intentionally sat down in a ceremony to connect with the healing pull I have felt for years. She has teased me for so long, when I finally sat down to make the connection it was like coming home.

I am sitting in my home office recognizing the importance of this upcoming full moon (Sept. 27, 2015). It is directly followed by a lunar eclipse (Sept. 28, 2015). The September Supermoon or Harvest Moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth out of the entire year. The following day, the dance the earth, the sun and the moon are doing together is pretty potent. Stop to think about it for a moment: We have a gigantic rock, a star and a planet all playing peek a boo with one another. The Earth is going directly between the Moon and the Sun in special cosmic alignment. It is an important time for being gentle with yourself, as your own inner Moon seeks to release, heal and align. Stating intentions to release patterns of thought and behavior, emotional baggage, and anything slightly hidden that you want to have the awareness of, that no longer serves you or those around you.

Allow the Full Moon to assist you. It is a powerful time to cleanse and renew.

Full Moon Poem:

“I left the earth to touch the moon,
and she showed me her insides,
spoke of her pain and struggle,
hidden depths of vulnerability
and secret desires.

She spoke of her exhaustion,
the endless days and nights
suspended in the sky taking
whatever light and warmth
the sun would grant her.

Then she showed me her power
and strength, her ability to know
with deep, penetrating awareness
her ability to change the tides
and stir the earth.

I have always known the moon.

But I met her for the first time today.

She showed herself inside of me…
and I was suddenly whole.”

– Chanda Parkinson

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Spiritual Overachiever

I love love love thinking. It is one of my top passions and hobbies. I love to watch as thoughts bump up against one another in the inner recesses of my private universe. At some point, the thoughts find their way to some sort of conclusion. Today’s conclusion I have drawn is regarding our tendency for becoming spiritual overachievers.

It is a rich rich open world of spiritual seekers that we live in these days. The topics for exploration are really endless. You can get anything now via the internet: spiritual advice covering everything from intuition development, tips on becoming a better manifestor in your life, how to meditate properly, how to relax, simplifying your life, why it’s important to learn to BE, systems for everything from cultivating mindfulness to healing your chakras…it is pretty awesome and daunting.

I dare say I am a tad bit worried about the tendency in my field for seekers of all types to get sucked into the endless trail of spiritual improvement. I chuckle, as I realize by writing this blog I risk falling into the same category of practitioners telling you what to do to improve your life! We are all so full of wonderful wisdom and guidance to share aren’t we?

I love being on a wide open spiritual journey and with knowledge and tools to assist. Trust me, I have had my own fair share of wonderful experiences that have added to the depth of me, helped me grow. Where I get a little stuck is that when we are reaching for the heights of our own spiritual development…and see that life is still happening…I worry that we then consider ourselves a spiritual failure. I struggle that we are setting ourselves up for yet another area of life to reach perfectionism…and when we don’t get what we expected or hoped for, the repercussions are extensive. We are left feeling badly about ourselves and wondering what we are missing because we aren’t floating on a cloud of peace?

I hope you see where I am going with this. I am not at all suggesting that it isn’t worthy of your time and energy to explore on your spiritual path. Just please remember that life still happens. And much of life is imperfect. That is just as spiritual as the next meditation course and psychic development retreat. What you risk losing out on for the sake of following the endless trail of spiritual self-help is the ability to pay attention to how your spiritual journey is opening in the moment. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, maybe it would do you well to stop seeking so much and allow your spirit to breathe a little.

The journey you are on as a spirit is ongoing…whether you subscribe to the next best spiritual philosophy, book, system, training, retreat, trip or development workshop. Your spiritual journey is happening every moment of every day. Breathe into it a bit and settle down. You aren’t missing anything. You are perfect. Exactly as you are. There is a time when you can learn everything you need to know just by being aware of the moments you are in and using them to understand the nature of who you are.

I never stop learning. I suck up information. It’s an addiction. SO! I am writing this partly to slow myself down. Where am I trying to get to so quickly on my spiritual path? What am I in a hurry to understand or have happen? Why did I decide that everything I need isn’t already within me? Who told me it wasn’t o.k. to just breathe and relax into life?

Thanks for walking with me on this path. It is certainly a divine dance we are all a part of.

Peace. Chanda.

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Hi, all. I’m doing a break from my normal blog entry to offer a little shameless promotion. I am SO PUMPED up about this and want all to know…Hugs.

“We are Stardust…Million Year Old Carbon. We are golden…”                                

– Joni Mitchell

The Moon…our nightly orb of cosmic beauty. We have been enchanted for ages by it’s energy and mysterious quality. There exists such a magic in it’s invisible forces. It illuminates the darkness and intensifies all sorts of earthly phenomena.

The moon in astrology captures the inner landscape of our hearts and souls…and when channeled properly, provides insight and healing. It is a nightly beacon to heed tending to hidden side of our selves, illuminating what no longer serves us – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically.

What if harnessing the moon’s energy could:

Bring to light what you desire to transform- habits in behavior and thinking that no longer serve you or your life.

)   Help you shift your insides powerfully to release the old.

)  Help you rise up – inspiring change, a sense of newness, revealing more of your power and fullest potential.

And all you had to do was ask and go within?

Embrace Your Celestial Heritage

Announcing Two Moons With Chanda

What You Get: One full hour consultation, plus 2-30 minute phone consultations for August and September, leading up to the full moon.

) Insights to your life with clarity around what you may wish to release.

) Receive by mail…items to add to your moon medicine bag.

) Moon affirmation journal pages

) My full moon insights channeled for YOU during the August and September full moon.

) What your astrological Moon sign has to say about you.

Who Is It For: Anyone wishing for a profound shift in their lives.

Where: In the comfort of your own home. Monthly check in calls offered by FaceTime, Skype or phone.

Cost: Only $299

Are you ready to embrace the healing power of the Moon?

Contact me for more information

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Calling Forth the Miraculous

I loved this old blog entry. Enjoy!

Chanda Parkinson's Blog

I am reading the most wonderful book right now “Buddhism Plain and Simple” by Steve Hagen. I do not consider myself a Buddhist, I don’t really consider myself anything really. Reading books like this reminds me quite humbly that I truly know nothing. I am a wanderer on this path called life just like the rest of the world. Good, bad, up, down, left or right…I cannot escape from the fact that I am the sole proprietor of my life. I am the one in charge of what I create and how I choose to relate to every single moment. At first when I began the book, those thoughts sort of bothered me. Yes, I know them to be true, but I fumble around in my life from time to time and neglect the beauty and sacredness available in the mindful creation of each moment. It’s really hard work to take…

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A Message to My Children

Reposting this blog, it stands so strong and so true today.

Chanda Parkinson's Blog

I have been deeply in the throes of understanding the journey of love. A dear friend recently called me “The Love Scientist.” I think I laughed out loud at first, but after he explained what that was to him, I started to wonder if I actually was! My entire life…well really for as long as I can remember, I have been testing love and all it’s edges. I thought long and hard about what must have been my laboratory for love from the beginning…and could see strong examples all along that makes that an accurate title. I was such a lover in my high school days, falling for someone who gently nurtured me and I him through our first love experience, then I entered the arts and learned how to feel deeply into love through music, dramatic arts and wanted so desperately to figure out how people think, feel and…

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